The realization of IUCN's World Heritage Outlook was only possible thanks to invaluable input by individuals and organizations.

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IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas is the world's premier network of protected area expertise, with has over 1,700 members spanning 140 countries

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Main Partners

The launching of the IUCN World Heritage Outlook was made possible by financial support of the MAVA Foundation. The MAVA Foundation is a family-led, Swiss-based philanthropic foundation with an exclusive focus on the conservation of biodiversity. It has grown to become one of Europe's main environmental foundations and a major donor to global conservation.

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OUR PLACE World Heritage provided images for the IUCN World Heritage Outlook. . OUR PLACE is creating a photographic database of the world's most important locations for use in publications and public exhibitions worldwide. OURPLACE is an official partner to UNESCO and  also works directly with site managers and NGOs to help visually document key features of significant sites for promotional, educational and archiving purposes.

IUCN would like to thank the many organizations that participated by sharing their knowledge and expertise to help improve the conservation of natural World Heritage sites.



The responsibility for Conservation Outlook Assessments rests solely with IUCN as implemented by IUCN World Heritage Programme and IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas.

With thanks to

Mariam Kenza Ali

Alison Ramsay

Christian Albrecht

Christy Loper

Derek Siveter

Geoff Mosley

Gérard Collin

Jose Kalpers

Ludger Brenner

Peter Hitchcock

Sandra Nogue Bosch

Tim Tunison

Wolfgang Fremuth

Jose Truda Palazzo

Mabel Augustowski

Peter Howard

Sarah Gindre

Tobias Garstecki

Xiaoya Ma

Juraj Svajda

Maja Vasilijevic

Pierre Galland

Scott Slocombe

John Love

Les Molloy

Nicholas Lancaster

Roger Porter

Steve Shackelton

Veronica Rusch

Allen Putney

Anwarul Islam

Charlie Gardner

Alberto Búrquez

Oliver Avramoski

Frauke Fischer

Charles Doumenge

Frank Lance Craighead

Jennifer Strickland-Munro

Lance Craighead

Masahito Yoshida

Robert Hofstede

Stephen Woodley

Conrad Aveling

Graeme Worboys

Jim Barborak

Lea Ketterer

Naomi Doak

Robyn Bushell

Steve Martin

Toru Nakashizuka

Zoe Wilkinson

Karina Liechti

Mariano Sironi

Pietro Lo Cascio

Spyros Galatsidas

Jannica Haldin

Ken East

Martin Truffer

Rick Brown

Stephen Davis

Adam Barlow

Anneke Galama

Cyndi Smith

David Siveter

Grzegorz Mikusinski

Helen Byron

Alan White

Alexine Keuroghlian

Alistair Henchmann

Amit Sharma

Ana Isabel Fagundes

Andrea Munoz

Bill Dolan

Channa Bambaradeniya

Dan Taylor

Darlington Muniykwa

Dave Mihalic

Dave Morris

Dereck Ford

Derek Berliner

Donald P. Eaton

Anwarul Islam

Floyd Homer

Glenda Garcia-Santos

Emily Burns

Florence Revelin

Hervé Lethier

Ian Hutton

Irini Lyratzaki

Ivan Volosciuk

Carlo Ossola

Faisal Abu-Izzeddin

Jonathan Larwood

Lovisa Asbjörnsdottir

Paul Williams

Ryan Danby

Thymio Papayannis

Wendy Strahm

Jan Van Wagtendonk

Kem Lowry

Martin Knez

Rachael Johnson

Stéphane Peigné

John McKinnon

Lily Zeng

Paul Dingwall

Rolf Baldus

Steve West

Vinod Mathur

Dao Nguyen

Hong Ching Goh

John Weaver

Lise Yildiray

Paul Tiplady

Russell Watkinson

Sue Stolton

Wayne Lotter

Jean-Claude Dobrilla

Karolyn Upham

Marina Cracco

Pranabes Sanyal

Stefan Kröpelin

Alan Monroy

Athline Clark

Bertrand de Montmollin

David Bowman

Brian Clark

Carina Green

Clare Duncan

Dennis Hansen

Edwin Bernbaum

Elizabeth Halpenny

Eric Lacroix

Eric Woehler

Erwan Lagabrielle

Gottfried Hohmann

Juan Carlos Sandino

Maheshwar Dhakal

Peter Shadie

Sarangoo Radnaa

Tilman Jaeger

And many others